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Firewire Surfboards Greedy Beaver TimberTek Surfboard

Firewire Surfboards Greedy Beaver TimberTek Surfboard 4.5 5 6
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A user-friendly hybrid, the Firewire Greedy Beaver is the ultimate crossover board. Offering the best of both worlds, the Greedy Beaver delivers the feel of a shortboard with a compressed longboard outline. This truly versatile shape can be used deep in the pocket, leaning into deep cutbacks or to simply make the most of lumpy summer junk. A true crossover board with mid-length retro glide and shortboard maneuverability means fun in the surf no matter what the waves have in store.

The Greedy Beaver is fairly similar in shape to the beloved Takayama Scorpion save but a few notable differences. There is slightly more nose rocker for easy last second drops, a modern concave on the bottom, and a five fin set up. Also, the fullness of the nose has been pulled in, reducing swing weight while retaining stability and glide. The popularity of these type of mid-length hybrid shapes continues to rise as surfers discover the potential in varied waves and conditions.

Firewire continues to deliver boards that emphasize having a good time in the water. So put it on the rail while engaging the single to double concave, step on the rounded pin and it surf it like your favorite shortboard. Or take advantage of the single to double concave and large planing surface to trim effortlessly over dead sections. The beveled rail reduces the overall thickness, adding performance including rapid direction changes. Raise your wave count every session with the paddle power of the Greedy Beaver while turning on a dime as you thread your way through the pack.


  • TAIL: Rounded Pin

  • FIN CONFIGURATION: Tri-Quad. Fins Not Included

  • FINS: Futures or FCSII

  • CONSTRUCTION: TimberTek Technology



TimberTek Technology
Firewire's TimberTek construction represents a significant step forward towards the holy grail of any product designed and manufactured in today's environmentally conscious world. Firewire's TimberTek has by far one of the least toxic and smallest carbon footprints of any commercially available surfboard today. The combination of a lightweight EPS core, sustainably-grown Paulownia wood deck skins, Firewire's proprietary parabolic rail construction, and an Entropy bio-resin hot coat yield an extremely lightweight, durable surfboard with ALL of the high-performance flex characteristics of Firewire's existing technologies.


Firewire Surfboards Greedy Beaver TimberTek Surfboard My Goldilocks BoardReview by Iasone Iasone
I'm 5'10, 160lb, over 50 and I bought the 6'8 GB as a board to go between my 7'6 LibTech Pickup Stick and a 6'1 Baked Potato, which were both at 52 liters.

The GB is easy to paddle but 3 liters less buoyant than my Baked Potato and LibTech so it doesn't feel corky like the Baked Potato did. The pin tail really grabs onto steeper waves, and the shorter and narrower width also makes turning easy without being too twitchy like the Baked Potato. I found the flat tail of the Baked Potato too buoyant on steeper waves.

Of course, every time anyone sees the wood grain on a Firewire board they come to ask about it.

Black Friday enabled me to order the board for $100 less. So don't miss out next time.

(Posted on 1/2/2020) 2020-01-02
Firewire Surfboards Greedy Beaver TimberTek Surfboard Big smileReview by Andy Andy
Am having so much fun on my 5'10" gb. It is waaay looser than expected. The tail is a real surprise package.
I can't help thinking that every surfer on the planet, when surfing open faced waves, should get their sized gb and just go have fun.
So many times you go down the beach and see guys struggling with small pointy boards.
Wake up! The gb is here! (And other boards offering freedom and fun)!
(Posted on 9/26/2017) 2017-09-26
Firewire Surfboards Greedy Beaver TimberTek Surfboard Depends on what you are looking for.Review by New England Surfer that prefers looser boards New England Surfer that prefers looser boards
The Greedy Beaver is a wave catcher. However in small surf it is not a great turning board. If you are a longboarder, it might be fun. If you prefer skatey boards in weak surf, this is not for you. If you just want to trim then it is a great board. I have not ridden in surf over weak waist/chest high so I have not seen it come to life. I have ridden it behind a boat and with speed it becomes more lively. I think this would be an awesome transition board from a longboard or a bigger guy shortboard. I just sold my 6'2 40 L board (my size- 5'10, 155) Intermediate/advanced surfer. I intentionally got a bigger board than I usually would for something different. I also really do not like longboarding but it gets really tiny in the summer. I could catch the same waves as the longboarders.
(Posted on 7/24/2017) 2017-07-24
Firewire Surfboards Greedy Beaver TimberTek Surfboard SweeeeetReview by PCR PCR
Broke my board down in Nica. And to my surprise they had a 6-8" Greedy Bever on the rack for rent. I am 54 6'5" and 210 lb. Could not believe how easy it was to catch waves in all conditions. The board truly came to life in head high surf. From charging down the face to cut backs. Plan on picking one up when I get back to the states. Will be a great addition to my quiver. Will get plenty of use during New York summer doldrums.
(Posted on 5/17/2017) 2017-05-17
Firewire Surfboards Greedy Beaver TimberTek Surfboard Loads of fun, good for big people or crap waves Review by Cecil Cecil
Very fun board, especially for bigger people, I have the 6'8" I am 6'2" 220(100kg), and it works well in waist to chest high wind swell. Can do top turns and floaters on it easily, fast off the bottom and goes through the flat sections without bogging. Surfed it in overhead solid ground swell beach
break, doable but shortboard works better. Excellent board if you live somewhere where the waves aren't that great and you want to have fun and catch a ton of waves, but still can crack the lip.
(Posted on 3/26/2017) 2017-03-26
Firewire Surfboards Greedy Beaver TimberTek Surfboard Good one board quiverReview by PJ PJ
Bought this as a daily driver and it hasn't disappointed. Decent in the small stuff, but comes to life above chest high. The pulled in tail is suited for better waves and holds well on steeper faces. Forward volume makes it an easy paddler. There are better boards for true groveling, but few that will have the range as this one. Also love the TT construction.
(Posted on 1/6/2016) 2016-01-06

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