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Firewire Surfboards Cornice FST Surfboard

Firewire Surfboards Cornice FST Surfboard 4.6 5 5
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Another performance shape born from innovation, experience and outside the box thinking. The Cornice proves that the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts.

The Cornice combines Firewire's board building expertise with design collaborator Dan Mann and Eduardo Cenzano from Trinity Technologies interpretation of effective side-cut design for surfing. The sidecut shifts volume from the middle of the board towards the tail, leading to the most effective area in contact with the water. The board literally displaces less water, leading to minimizing friction and increased the speed that is noticeable.

Dan Mann explains further, "...with such a narrow design, it takes less force and time to tip the board on its rail. That fast twitch sensitivity, especially on late drops or hollow waves, is where you feel the side cut really engage, and the wide tail still allows for speed in the flats".

The Firewire crew has been riding The Cornice in a wide variety of conditions, and are absolutely convinced that the design has a legitimate place alongside other high-performance designs in the market today.


  • TAIL: Round

  • FIN CONFIGURATION: Tri-Quad. Fins Not Included

  • FINS: Futures or FCSII

  • CONSTRUCTION: Linear Flex Technology



Future Shapes Technology
FST relies primarily on the Parabolic Balsa Rail to control flex while the high-density aerospace composite vacuumed to both top and bottom decks provide significant impact strength and are stronger than the traditional PU surfboard. Please note these boards are definitely not indestructible and if slammed by a thick lip, or if you land incorrectly in the flats after doing an aerial, it is possible to break them.


Firewire Surfboards Cornice FST Surfboard Telepathic TurningReview by CS CS
Get this board while you still can!!! Like everyone says, it looks weird, but it works. And be prepared for lots of questions down at your local break. I'm 5'3" 125lbs and ride the 5'3". In retrospect, I wish I got the 5'1" (at this price, maybe I will). It feels odd carrying such a narrow board down to the beach, and paddling too, and even sitting feels different. But it paddles extremely well and almost catches waves by itself. Extremely fast, yet maneuverable. This board has the incredible ability to make very sharp turns without losing speed. It almost feels like an Evo, but better. It works well in anything clean and peeling, from ankle to knee high to overhead. Yet does better in crappy conditions than most boards too. Fin-wise I like to use the Futures Scimitar quad setup for most conditions. But when it gets head high and bigger, any thruster set will work, though I like to use my Futures YU Techflex. Steep drops can be a bit tricky due to the missing center part of the rail, but this board also allows you to get into waves a lot earlier and takes off at an angle better than most conventional shapes. I would think long boarders would also like this board because if you just park it and drive from the rear, this board is telepathic. Weird doesn't always work, but this one does.
(Posted on 7/21/2019) 2019-07-21
Firewire Surfboards Cornice FST Surfboard Excellent BoardReview by Fit Fit
Dan Mann and Eduardo Cenzano did a great job designing this board. The board is not the nicest but it works. Is fast. I use it 4 fins. Highly recommend it! It is a shame there will be no continuance with this model. :(
(Posted on 3/29/2019) 2019-03-29
Firewire Surfboards Cornice FST Surfboard Like Snowboarding on Big WavesReview by Taeminator Taeminator
I just took a 5’ 6” (~28 L) Cornice out on a bigger day 10-12 ft faces at take off. I’m 5’7” and 155lbs. I thought I was making a big mistake when I saw everyone carrying their 6’6”+ step-ups and when I was taking set after set on the head on the paddle out. It took me 30 minutes to get past the shore break on the inside, but once I got outside, this board came to life. I had to take off a little later on the sets, but this board paddles very easily. Once you stand up, this board feels like a snowboard carving through some hard pack snow. That rail can hold at any speed. I had some big control fins setup as a quad which also helped. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so in control on such big waves before. If there was an open face, I felt I could push pretty aggressively without worrying about losing grip or speed. The narrow width of the board also made it easy to duck dive this board. I also didn’t always get my foot on the right place on the board during my pop-ups but the board still felt very in control. It’s an odd looking board but I’ve really enjoyed it in bigger punchier waves.
(Posted on 3/5/2018) 2018-03-05
Firewire Surfboards Cornice FST Surfboard GreatReview by rayjmad rayjmad
I very much agree with Rather Surf. Fast, positive feel. Great paddler. Fast. Very responsive and super fun. I'm just beginning to explore the possibilities. Too bad discontinued by Fire Wire
I love this board
(Posted on 11/8/2017) 2017-11-08
Firewire Surfboards Cornice FST Surfboard Cleanline great company. Real people. Cornice...Review by RatherSurf RatherSurf
Fast fast fast. Great hold. Gets in early. Good performance board. Not a performance groveler. Wants a face to carve on. Using as a quad currently. Think it will be a fun board for any type of wave that is shreddable.
(Posted on 4/27/2017) 2017-04-27

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