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Firewire Surfboards Baked Potato TimberTek Surfboard

Firewire Surfboards Baked Potato TimberTek Surfboard 4.75 5 8
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Full of volume and super fun in smaller waves, the Firewire Surfboards Baked Potato TimberTek Surfboard offers the same small wave performance as the Sweet Potato with a few subtle design adjustments. The nose is pulled in slightly and some of the rail volume has been removed to allow for even faster rail to rail transfers. The Baked Potato has the same aggressive double concaves and 'V-spline' running down the center of the board which allows the board to get up on the rail much faster than the overall design would indicate. Primarily designed for smaller, weaker conditions, the Baked Potato will surprise you by its performance characteristics, and how the quad fins set further back and closer to the rail than usual, allow the board to hold with- out sliding, even in larger surf. Get cooking on a Baked Potato.


  • TAIL: Diamond

  • FIN CONFIGURATION: Tri-Quad. Fins Not Included

  • FINS: Futures or FCSII

  • CONSTRUCTION: TimberTek Technology

  • SURFBOARD TYPE: Shortboard


TimberTek Technology
Firewire's TimberTek construction represents a significant step forward towards the holy grail of any product designed and manufactured in today's environmentally conscious world. Firewire's TimberTek has by far one of the least toxic and smallest carbon footprints of any commercially available surfboard today. The combination of a lightweight EPS core, sustainably-grown Paulownia wood deck skins, Firewire's proprietary parabolic rail construction, and an Entropy bio-resin hot coat yield an extremely lightweight, durable surfboard with ALL of the high-performance flex characteristics of Firewire's existing technologies.


Firewire Surfboards Baked Potato TimberTek Surfboard Love this board Review by Lids Lids
This is the best board for aging surfer in poor to fair conditions! Surfs more like a short board than a fish so easier to switch back and forth. Does have its limits however if the surf is super weak and tiny you’re better off on a LB or mid length
(Posted on 5/31/2019) 2019-05-31
Firewire Surfboards Baked Potato TimberTek Surfboard foundation to my quiverReview by thomye thomye
this board has to be a staple in everyone's quiver. I am 5'8 150lbs and I chose to ride the 5'1 baked potato. I thought it was too small at first but logically thinking, 28L in crammed into 5'1 is different than 28L spread out in a 5'8 performance board. You get way more float on the 5'1 so on some level's i feel the 5'1 is too big for me. Luckily, the construction of the board makes it so light and nimble that the board feels really good. The baked has been my favorite board of all time. I surf in So. California and most of the time the waves are soft to medium.

Onenote, although it has a wide tail, it definitely surfs better as a thruster. I am guessing you want to surf this type of board when the waves lack power so you need to draw your own speed. I have only surfed 1 time in 4 years where I had wished it was a quad. But then again, that day I also wanted my performance board.
(Posted on 1/12/2018) 2018-01-12
Firewire Surfboards Baked Potato TimberTek Surfboard Great Board!Review by George George
At 6'4" and 180lbs., I ordered the 5'11" to have a bit more volume to have this board as a groveler. I wanted to post an immediate review for two reasons:
1. The board is awesome. While the 5'9" (or even 5'7") could have worked, the 5'11" has let me paddle in with the longboarders down in mainland Mex this week. From knee-high junk to head-high + fast point break to the inside beach break sections, the BP has been terrific; I'm making sections I've never made in my 25 years of surfing. With FCS 2 Quad set-up and weight on the tail, the BP turns like a skateboard!
2. In the midst of Snowmaggedon 2017 in Bend, OR, Stefan at Cleanline was beyond awesome, as he got the board to me despite storms, Firewire's year-end inventory, etc. If you're buying anything surf related, choose Cleanline. They are, very simply, the best!
(Posted on 1/17/2017) 2017-01-17
Firewire Surfboards Baked Potato TimberTek Surfboard Exactly what I needed!Review by Pierre Pierre
Living on the east coast, New York, my primary desire was reinforced volume without losing the manuevaribilty. This is the only board I could find that would match my criteria at a 6'1 without having to compromise on float. Also, impossible to find in stores, which forced me to seek online, and cleanline was right there with FAST shipping and careful packaging, at a reasonable cost...I'm 5'9 180, and I wouldn't surf anything else for a short board being that these dimensions are unmatched at its height. Beautiful board, and great service. Thank you both to cleanline for service, and FireWire for constructing such a efficient board in every way!
(Posted on 8/2/2016) 2016-08-02
Firewire Surfboards Baked Potato TimberTek Surfboard Fun!Review by SteveA SteveA
Great small wave board for those gutless days. I gave it 5 stars for that reason.
3 stars for when the waves get some punch. The wide tail can't be sunk to enable you to get in late. Can be a hassle when a sneaker set comes through and you have to take off late. But very happy with Cleanline! Super fast delivery too my doorstep.
I like doing business with them.
(Posted on 11/23/2015) 2015-11-23
Firewire Surfboards Baked Potato TimberTek Surfboard Happy customerReview by Dan Dan
Picked up a 6'1" two weeks ago at Cleanline Seaside. Surfed it twice. I'm 6'2", 210, and 48 (slightlymabove average fitness; intermediate surfer). Worked great in weak 2 to 4 foot surf. Super fun. Exactly what I was looking for.....alternative to a log.

Heads up on FCS 2 fins. Put the not included retaining screws in. Lost an expensive fin despite being solidly snapped in.

BTW, I sort of collect boards despite bing and old-ish semi Barn. Staff at the Seaside shop are super customer oriented and friendly. Great shop and great management. Kudos to the team.
(Posted on 8/18/2015) 2015-08-18
Firewire Surfboards Baked Potato TimberTek Surfboard Fun board, but I found myself wanting more performance...Review by Matt - Cleanline Staff Matt - Cleanline Staff
I was super pumped when I picked up this board and I had a lot of fun sessions, but in the end for me I realized it wasn't the board I wanted. If the surf was REALLY mushy then this board would excel, but most days I would have rather been on a Potatonator or Spitfire. If you do get this board I highly recommend a small center fin like the Futures TMF to give the board a tad bit more drive and keep the tail from being to funky.
(Posted on 3/24/2014) 2014-03-24
Firewire Surfboards Baked Potato TimberTek Surfboard Over the top boardReview by Bruce Bruce
I'm 65, 180 lbs, in fairly reasonable condition, sub-expert surfer (age). Got a 5'9" Timber Tek Baked Potato from Cleanline. I'm now back in the line up with the first tier surfers. Nothing more need be said, other than thank you Cleanline and FireWire.
(Posted on 1/29/2014) 2014-01-30

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