Firewire Surfboards Firewire Rob Machado The 2 + 1 Traction - Black/Charcoal

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Support the eco-system by giving back using the Firewire Rob Machado The 2 + 1 Traction pad. Made from a collaboration with BLOOM foam, this pad has been processed using algae biomass that has been harvested from freshwater sources throughout the world reducing the suffocating algae and recirculating fresh water back into the environment. Along with it being eco-friendly, this flat pad creates a more natural, locked-in feel, while providing more grip and protection for your deck from compression dents and foot wells.

The 2 + 1 traction is one pad for every board. The two plus one can either be a two-piece flat pad or a three-piece flat pad, depending on how wide of a flat pad you want. Inspired by the wide tails on Rob Machado’s more grovely board models, this pad works well on shapes like Rob’s Moonbeam or even wider tails like Dan Mann’s Chumlee. Designed with square tread, it enables board feel with extreme sensitivity; a favorite tread for surfers who haven’t traditionally loved traction.

Product Features

  • Three piece pad
  • Square tread
  • No arch
  • BLOOM foam (recycled algae)
  • 3M Glue
  • 13.5" W x 12" H
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