FCS II Fins MB PC Carbon Tri-Quad Medium - Green/Black

FCS II Fins MB PC Carbon Tri-Quad Medium - Green/Black 5 5 1
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The FCS II MB PC Carbon Tri-Quad Set is designed by iconic shaper Matt 'Mayhem' Biolos's. This is a performance fin that can handle teeth gritting hacks, tight in the pocket maneuvers and speeding through overhead barrels. The Medium MB template is built with a bi-directional carbon fiber inlay that provides quick response and a consistent feel across varying conditions. The MB is considered a high performance all-round fin with noticeable geometric similarities to the Performer template. It has a balanced outline with smooth curves, moderate area through the tip, and a neutral sweep angle. The fin also has a relatively short base in contrast to the high depth value of the fin.

This versatile template favors a stronger surfer, and can be pushed hard through turns, particularly in hollow sections. The high depth value of the fin also provides exceptional hold off the bottom, and adds control on the open face when performing a longer arc. Give yourself options by using it as a thruster, a quad or even a twin to mix and match the fin set-up with wave types and conditions. The same template is scaled across all three sizes with customized graphics that tie back to the ...LOST brand.

"This fin will put a lot of speed and drive into your surfing." - Matt Biolos


  • Size: Medium (​65 - ​80Kg / 1​45 - 175 Lbs)
  • Fins in set: 5
  • Ideal Conditions: A wide range of conditions, particularly good in critical overhead waves.
  • Board Types: Performance shortboards and hybrid models. *Please Note: this fin is designed to be used exclusively with the FCS II Fin System, and will not fit in the traditional FCS Dual Plug System.
  • Material: Dynamic RTM construction with strategically placed carbon compliments the template and sweep angle of the fin, and produce a bespoke flex pattern with remarkable memory properties. In the water this translates to immediate response when loading up the fins and driving through turns. PCC fins suit fast surfing and are favoured by power surfers who like to perform explosive turns on critical parts of the wave.

Tech Specs


    Base: 4.30″ / 109mm

    Depth: 4.59″ / 116mm

    Area: 14.49″² / 9347mm²

    Sweep: 31.7°

    Foil: Flat



    Base: 4.10″ / 104mm

    Depth: 4.26″ / 108mm

    Area: 12.64″² / 8158mm²

    Sweep: 32.4°

    Foil: 50/50

***Exclusively for the FCS II Fin System; will not fit in the traditional FCS Dual Plug System***

The FCS II system has been designed to perform at the highest level by seamlessly connecting 3 essential elements in surfing; the surfer, the surfboard and the fins. When paired with fins from the new FCS II Essential Series, it’s now possible to install and remove your fins in seconds, without the need for any screws or tools.

What you’ll find when you ride the new FCS II system is more speed, more drive, more acceleration, and most importantly more response from your board. This equates to better surfing, and you’ll be in the line up faster.

Our team riders have given the new FCS II system their personal tick of approval, which is validation from the best surfers on the planet.

  1. Keyless: Efficient keyless system for quick fin installation and release.
  2. Flush Leading Edge: Recessed leading edge with flush base connection improves water flow.
  3. Backward Compatible: Grub screws can be inserted to accept your existing FCS fins.
  4. Mechanism: Rotating Barrel: Self lubricating, wear resistant barrel locks the fin into the plug.
  5. Mechanism: Titanium Rod: Aerospace grade titanium rod applies lateral pressure to the fin tab.
  6. Honeycomb Construction: Lightweight composite frame encapsulated by high density foam reduces weight and maintains tail flex.


FCS II Fins MB PC Carbon Tri-Quad Medium - Green/Black Great finsReview by Jim Beam Jim Beam
The fins are as expected and great in a quad or thrusher set up. I am using these on a puddle jumper and couldn't decide what to purchase at first. The people at cleanline helped me with the choice and it was spot on.
(Posted on 12/6/2016) 2016-12-06

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