FCS II Fins GL1 Quad SUP Fin Set

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The FCS II GL1 Quad SUP Fin Set is a super fun template for speedy lines and quick pivotal turns that will always have you ready for the next section. Gerry Lopez's signature quad set has a low sweep angle across all four fins combined with a 50/50 foil on the rear fins which provides pivotal control when driving through turns, and flow on the open face. The GL1 has been popular with paddlers and surfers alike as they are extra large fins that love full power and complement those who like to push hard against their fins.

Tech Specs


  • Base: 3.98 in, 101 mm
  • Depth: 4.75 in, 120 mm
  • Area: 14.41 sq in, 9300 sq mm
  • Sweep: 32.5°
  • Foil: Flat


  • Base: 3.64" / 92mm
  • Depth: 4.13″ / 105mm
  • Area: 11.03″² / 7115mm²
  • Sweep: 30.8°
  • Foil: 50/50


  • Size: Large
  • Fins in set: 4
  • Material: Performance Core


Versatile RTM construction delivers a consistent feel similar to a traditional fiberglass fin, but with the advantage of reduced weight. The stiff flex pattern extends progressively from the base through to the tip helping the surfer to maintain drive and hold through a turn. PC fins are reliable, very responsive, and can be used in a variety of different conditions.


A flat inside face combined with a convex outside face. The traditional flat sided foil offers an even combination of drive, pivot and hold and provides a very consistent, reliable feel over a wide variety of conditions.

50/50 FOIL

A symmetrical foil used on all center fins where both sides are convex. Even water flow on both sides creates stability and control.

***Exclusively for the FCS II Fin System; will not fit in the traditional FCS Dual Plug System***


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