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FCS Freedom Leash

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Cleanline Staff Member Spencer Cleanline Staff

Spencer Says:

"The FCS Freedom leash is my go to leash for waves 6ft and under. The braided nylon cord is a one of a kind feature and is stronger, lighter, and has less drag than other leashes of similar diameter. After over a month of putting this leash through the ringer in Indonesia and Oregon I have yet to experience any annoying tangles or mishaps. All in all a super solid leash."


Leashes have come a long way since their invention in 1971. Back then they were made of surgical tubing: dense, weak, and obtrusive. FCS has led the industry in design and revolution with the all-new FCS Freedom Leash, a design focused on minimalism and strength. The cord is constructed with a high tensile nylon yarn braided over an internal PU cord. Further complimented with streamlined working parts and the physics of you and the ocean in mind, the design resulted in a more hydrodynamic relationship resulting in reduced weight and the number of breakpoints found in traditional leashes. Sparing more weight, parts were cut with a laser for precision and quality throughout. Tested in a controlled environment, FCS was able to guarantee the strength and durability of the Freedom Leash in extreme conditions. Team tested for further edits bringing you a leash with less tangle, less drag and a feeling of total surfing freedom.

Product Features

  • High tensile over-braided cord
  • Precision engineered cuff
  • Lightweight molded pull tab
  • Composite horn
  • Streamlined railsaver
  • Stainless steel swivels


FCS Freedom Leash Great stuff but...Review by Laurent Laurent
Strongly built, light and well designed... but painful when wrapped tightly around your feet or toe. That being said...still using it and having a hard time going back to the plastic leash.
(Posted on 12/24/2019) 2019-12-24
FCS Freedom Leash Great leashReview by FaustoCR506 FaustoCR506
I really like this leash for small waves
(Posted on 5/27/2019) 2019-05-27
FCS Freedom Leash Not what I was toldReview by Pugwash Pugwash
The Leash looks rad but really does not do what it claims to do. Firstly mine broke in under a month at the molding so whatever is claimed about the cord is irrelevant when it breaks at the connection point. It look very little force to break. I noticed the braiding also cam away from the cord. The leash is no lighter than my Creatures Lite leash which ive been running for 3 years now so again an interesting claim on its Lightness, And finally the cuff is meant to be non slip. Feels nice and sticky in the shop but the material is actually slippery when wet so what's the point of that. Other than look good i think there is no benefit but im sure the shop was happy to take an extra $20 on the sale.
(Posted on 1/11/2019) 2019-01-11
FCS Freedom Leash Strong and light!Review by tylerg83 tylerg83
This is by far the best leash I have boughten. It is strong and light and extremely comfortable and easy to release.
(Posted on 11/6/2018) 2018-11-06
FCS Freedom Leash Solid leash, beautiful designReview by SG SG
This is a very good leash. One of the best parts is how it doesn't make the board snap back at you as much as the standard leash. Design it's really smartly done, though for me at least took a bit to get used to the length of the horn off the ankle cuff. Definitely recommend giving it a try.
(Posted on 10/3/2018) 2018-10-03
FCS Freedom Leash superior Review by Whitty Whitty
I've owned one since the first shipment. I love it. These do not tangle nearly as much as your typical leash. I'm 6'4" with legs that like to get tangled up in leashes. This leash will stretch at least a few feet when riding bigger more powerful waves. It's held up great and I'm lookin' forward to putting it through the ringer this winter. I'll be pickin' up another this week. Thank you Cleanline fam!
(Posted on 9/11/2018) 2018-09-11
FCS Freedom Leash Horrible leash do not recommend Review by Aussie Aussie
Bought this leash for my surf trip to Costa Rica, 2nd day of using this leash it snaps. Had to swim all the way to shore. So pissed writing this now, it literally just happen and almost drowned on my way back in. Stick to making fins. DO NOT BUY!!
(Posted on 8/16/2018) 2018-08-16
FCS Freedom Leash A little over-hypedReview by DiamondHead DiamondHead
Light leash but I can't say I notice it when surfing/paddling. Velcro, attachments, swivels, materials are all top notch.

The reason for 2 stars: No one is saying how this material can be a LOT more dangerous than the standard poly/plastic leashes. If you fish, a good analogy is that the Freedom leash is like braided fishing line while traditional leashes are like mono/plastic line.

The leash got wrapped around my toe while dropping in and it was a lot harder to kick and get rid of while riding. Also, after a good-size wipe out, I grabbed the leash while under water to keep the board from flying into someone else; the leash didn't injure my hand, but there was absolutely NO GIVE and it yanks pretty hard.

GREAT for small surf but I can see why they are not releasing a longer version than 6 feet. Could be a potential death trap if it got wrapped around you (neck, ankle, finger) a certain way and got pulled really hard (70ltr longboard in 5ft surf...YIKES!!!).
(Posted on 7/18/2018) 2018-07-18
FCS Freedom Leash Great Comp LeashReview by Spenny Spenny
The minimal drag of a comp leash with the added strength of a thicker leash. The braided nylon is a cool new feature. The ankle cuff is super comfy and streamlined! Love this thing.
(Posted on 5/28/2018) 2018-05-28

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