FCS Fins SF4 Stretch GF Quad - Glass

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William "Stretch" Riedel’s signature quad set featuring cambered foil on the side fins and 50/50 foil on the rear fins.  The robust upright templates make this set fast, responsive, and stable at high speeds.  The full tip area across all fins provides quick acceleration and response.  Perfect for hollow steep waves, punchy beach breaks.  Works best with performance boards with deep concaves and moderate-to-extreme rocker.


Glass Flex has been formulated to replicate the flex and memory properties of hand layed fiberglass. Its advantages over other composite fin materials include stiffness, a more positive flex pattern (nice tip flex, little base flex) and remarkable flex memory. The precision of the injection molding process ensures the highest accuracy in geometry in each fin produced.

Tech Specs

Front Fins:

  • Base: 4.48 in, 114 mm
  • Depth: 4.48 in, 114 mm
  • Area: 15.15 sq in, 9776 sq mm
  • Sweep: 30.5°
  • Foil: IFT


  • Base: 3.88 in, 98 mm
  • Depth: 3.80 in, 96 mm
  • Area: 11.22 sq in, 7238 sq mm
  • Sweep: 30.7°
  • Foil: 50/50


  • Size: Large
  • Fins in set: 4
  • Material: Glass Flex
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