Best Twin Fin Sets of 2023

Best Twin Fin Sets of 2023

Initially designed for the swallow-tailed fish surfboard, twin fins give surfers the feeling of freedom without the predictability of a center fin. With no trailing fins to hold it back, the two extra-large fins give a surfboard just enough stability, allowing you to draw completely different lines than a thruster, quad, or single fin. Currently, twin fins are often paired with a plethora of different shapes from the classic fish, twin pins, mid-lengths, and even high-performance shortboards.

Today, nearly every surfboard shaper offers a twin fin design. At Cleanline Surf, we have a twin fin for every board and every ability. The fins are grouped based on the available types and the best pairing for your board. Let’s dive into the best twin fin sets of 2023!

Keel Fins Reviewed

Performance Twin Fins Reviewed

Twin + 1 Fins Reviewed

Tom’s Twin Fin History Lesson

Variety of different twin fin sets: twin + 1, performance twin fins, and keel twin fins.

Years ago, our former in-house surf historian, Tom, wrote a piece about the history of twin fins. In short, twin fins have been around in some capacity since the 1940’s where Californian surf legend Bob Simmons experimented with double-keel fins on his signature Mini Simmons shapes. Shortly after, creative geniuses such as George Greenough from Santa Barbara and Steve Lis from San Diego began discovering twin fins' limitless potential on their kneeboards.

Throughout the 70’s twin fins were the preferred configuration of professional surfers. No one embodied this revolution like Mark Richards, who won four consecutive world titles (‘79-’82) riding his signature MR Twins. However, it was short-lived. In 1980 MR’s fellow Australian Simon Anderson developed the “Thruster,” and twin fins quickly became an afterthought and were thrust into surfing obscurity.

Since the 80’s there have been brief resurgences of the twin fin. Lost’s 1997 movie “5’5” 19 ¼” centered around San Clemente shaper Matt Biolos’ Round Nosed Fish design that was a performance-infused homage to twin fin designs of yesteryears. More recently, surfers such as Dave Rastovich and Asher Pacey have sparked a two fin renaissance redefining what is possible on a twin fin. Many professionals and amateurs alike have been inspired by this movement.

Today retired professional tour surfers such as Josh Kerr, Joel Parkinson, and 3X world champion Mick Fanning choose twin fins over thrusters. It all comes back to the freedom to draw unique lines that don’t necessarily fit the professional judging criteria.

Keel Fins

Keel fins are the original twin fin with roots tracing back to Steve Lis’ San Diego Fish revolution of the 60’s. Best paired with a traditional wide fish outline, keel fins have a longer base and are often shallower in depth than some of the other twin fins on this list. The template gives the board insane down-the-line speed and carving ability on open faces. If you are a traditionalist looking for a pure twin fin feeling, then a keel fin set is the way to go. However, it’s important to note that these fins tend to “slide out” more on steep waves, especially when trying to surf more vertically.

Jeff McCallum Keel Twin Fin Set

"Traditional Style"

McCallum’s fin set is what I would call a modern keel. It keeps the old-school outline of a traditional keel but is more upright than other keels featured. The slightly upright design gives it a more high-performance feel.

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Captain Fin Co. Jeff McCallum Futures Keel Twin Fin Set - $105
Captain Fin Co. Jeff McCallum FCS II Keel Twin Fin Set - $105

Al Merrick Fiberglass Keel Twin Fin Set

"Classic Look with Cruisy Feel"

Al Merrick Fiberglass Keel Twin Fin Set

The Al Merrick is Channel Islands' modern take on a classic design. The AMK boasts a more contemporary rake and graduated tip flex, which lends itself to fast modern surfing. However, the classic keel outline is also ideal for those who want to cruise.

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Futures Fins Al Merrick Fiberglass Keel Twin Fins - $110

Machado Keel Twin Fin Set

"Glass On Feel"

The Machado Keel is Rob’s take on the classic keel design. This fin was originally designed for his popular Firewire Go Fish model and is excellent for down-the-line speed and long-drawn-out carves. The fiberglass construction combined with the flat foil makes these fins feel as close to “glass on” fins as possible.

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Futures Fins Machado Keel Twin Fin Set - $105
FCS II Machado PC Keel Twin Fin Set - $110

Futures Fins Britt Merrick BMT Twin Fin Set

"Twin Pin Master"

Britt Merrick of Channel Islands Surfboards in Santa Barbara, California hand foiled this fin template. Initially designed for the popular Twin Pin model, it sits somewhere between an upright and keel fin. This template works well in a wide range of conditions and has the perfect combination of hold and release.

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Futures Fins Britt Merrick BMT Twin Fin Set - $110

Performance Twins

Performance twin fins tend to have a shorter base, are taller, and usually are more upright. The design allows the board to surf more vertically and gives it more hold in better conditions. You still get the down-the-line speed but can have more confidence that the board will hold when bottom turning aggressively. These fins are perfect for performance fishes with a narrower outline and tail versus a traditional fish.

Akila Aipa Twin Fin Set

"Great For More Drive"

Akila Aipa Twin Fin Set

The Akila Aipa is a true high-performance twin. The template still has a wide base and extra height, giving the fin maximum drive. The fin also incorporates a thinner tip which offers release through turns and carries speed through maneuvers.

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Futures Fins Akila Aipa Twin Fin Set - $105

Album Apex Series FCS Twin Fin Set

"Maximum Strength"

Album Apex Series FCS Twin Fin Set

Designed by Matt Parker of Album Surfboard, the NVS Album Apex is made for the radical twin fin surfing of Album team riders Josh Kerr and Asher Pacey. The large template offers ample hold in steeper waves with enough rake to generate speed and glide in smaller surf.

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NVS Album Apex Series FCS Twin Fin Set - $95

FCS II Power Twin Set

"Great for Strong Surfers"

FCS II Power Twin Set

The FCS II Power Twin is a performance twin fin with a very high surface area. Perfect for performance fishes where you are looking to push hard through turns. The upright template combined with the unique beak tips allows this fin to perform at a high level.

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FCS II Power Twin Fin Set - $105
FCS II Power Twin + 1 PG Fin Set - $130

Twin + 1

Though technically not a twin fin, the Twin + 1 setup deserves a spot on this list for its popularity and versatility. The setup is almost a subgenre for performance twins since there aren’t many keel Twin + 1’s. With the addition of the small center fin, it gives all the benefits of the performance twin with even more stability. It’s almost like putting training wheels on your twin and offers the ability to get the feeling of a twin fin on boards you wouldn’t usually be able to. Because of its versatility, the twin + 1 works on various boards, from fishes to performance shortboards.

T1 Alpha Twin + 1 Fin Set

"Smooth and Balanced"

T1 Honeycomb Twin + 1

The Futures Fins T1 Honeycomb Twin + 1 is a twin-fin design for down-the-line speed, drive, and easy rail-to-rail transitions synonymous with modern twin-fin surfing. The honeycomb construction creates a medium flex pattern, providing a softer feel than fins made from solid fiberglass. This helps to create lift and drive even when the waves lack power and steepness. The T1's are also available in Alpha and Thermotech construction for surfers on a budget.

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Future Fins T1 Honeycomb Twin + 1 Fin Set - $110
Futures Fins T1 Alpha Twin + 1 Fin Set - $65
Futures Fins T1 Thermotech Twin + 1 Fin Set - $42

Rasta Honeycomb Twin + 1 Fin Set

"Lightweight Performance"

Rasta Honeycomb Twin + 1 Fin Set

This template is similar to the T1 above but was tweaked to fit Dave Rastovich’s silky smooth style. The main difference is that the Rasta fins have a unique leading edge which lends itself to smoother rail-to-rail transitions. The honeycomb compositions is paired with Carbon Fiber to create a lightweight and durable fin with a balanced flex

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Futures Fins Rasta Honeycomb Twin + 1 Fin Set - $130

Mark Richards PC Twin + 1 Fin Set

"Hot Seller"

Rasta Honeycomb Twin + 1 Fin Set

Created by the master of the twin, four-time World Champion Mark Richard, the MR 2+1 is the perfect performance fin for any fish, hybrid, or shortboard. The fins are more uptight, allowing them to snap off the top easier than other twin fins on this list. These fins have a great balance of release and drive, while the added center fin ensures stability off the bottom. Go get radical!

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FCS II Mark Richards PC Twin + 1 Fin Set - $125

FCS II Mick Fanning Twin + 1 Fin Set

"Fast Surfing"

Mick Fanning’s nickname is “White Lightning” due to his lightning-fast surfing. These fins were developed to go extremely fast and pair beautifully with any performance fish or shortboard. Born from the H4 template, the hatchet tip allows for instant get up and go and has amazing hold through turns.

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FCS II Mick Fanning Twin + 1 Fin Set - $135

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Final Thoughts

There you have it! The best twin fins Cleanline Surf has to offer. Whether you’re an old soul looking to get that classic fish glide or a high-performance ripper looking to draw different lines than your thruster, we have a perfect fin set for you. We have many great twin fins that didn’t make this blog. You can check out our entire catalog of twin fins at the link below.

As always, if you have a question about which fin will work best for your setup, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below, email us at, or call 1-888-546-6176. Twins for the win!

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