Bing Surfboards Bing Levitator 9'8 x 23.75 x 3.0625

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Get ready to levitate. Adopting a similar deck and rockerline to the Bing Elevator, the Levitator combines step deck and concave with a wide outline and foiled down rails, allowing you to defy the laws of gravity and noseriding. Find yourself clearing through every section you encounter while still hanging ten with insane amounts of speed on the nose. Where the Elevator is more ideal in steeper beach break style waves, the Levitator excels in mushier waves with a little more slope, like your local point or reef break. Ideal for surfers who prefer more volume with stability, glide and lift in the nose, ride the Levitator 2-4” shorter than your typical noserider for optimum performance.


  • Dimensions: 9'8 x 23.75 x 3.0625
  • Volume: Unknown
  • Tail: Square
  • Fin Configuration: Single
  • Fins: Futures
  • Construction: PU
  • Surfboard Type: Longboard


Polyurethane/Polyester Resin

Building a board in PU/PE means using a Polyurethane foam blank and glassing it with polyester resin. This is how the majority of today’s surfboards are built. It is not a new way to make a board, but the materials are very stable, strong, consistent, and easy to work with. PU foam is closed celled, meaning it won’t easily soak in water if you ding your board, and that also means that it doesn’t absorb too much resin when getting glassed, keeping your board light. Many surfers prefer the feel of PU/PE boards because that is what they have ridden all their lives, and because they feel really good.

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