Women's Oakley Sunglasses


Oakley was created for world-class athletes, those who see the limits of possibility as just another challenge. Their dedication drives us to look beyond the conventional ideas of industry standards. It’s in their DNA to identify problems, create inventions, and wrap those inventions in art. And simply to make things better than anyone thought possible. Oakley Innovation. Like nothing you’ve ever seen. Like nothing you’ve ever worn.

With sunglass styles and fits designed exclusively for women, fashion meets function through the lens of High Definition Optics®. From the tried and true to everything new, we’ve created an entirely new dimension with Oakley Women’s Sunglasses.

  • Oakley Women's Drop In Sunglasses - Tortoise/VR28 Black Iridium

  • Oakley Women's Daisy Chain Tone It Up Sunglasses - Grapefruit Pearl/Dark Brown Gradient

  • Oakley Women's Daisy Chain Sunglasses - Rose Gold/VR50 Brown Gradient

  • Oakley Women's Drop In Sunglasses - Rose Quartz/G40 Black Gradient

  • Oakley Women's Given Sunglasses - Polished Chrome/Grey

  • Oakley Women's Forehand Sunglasses - Tortoise/Black/Dark Brown Gradient

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  • Oakley Large Carbon Fiber Case - Carbon Fiber

  • Oakley Women's Daisy Chain Polarized Sunglasses - Polished Gold/Bronze

  • Oakley Women's Forehand Sunglasses - Polished Black/Grey