Used Kite Gear

Looking for a Used Kite? Check out our selection below for great deals on quality used kite gear. Don't see the right meter? Looking for a different model? We have a small inventory of used kites that have not made it on our website yet and we might have just what you're looking for! For more used kite information, questions about sizes, models or expert buying advice, give us a call at 503-738-2061 or use our CONTACT US page.

  • Ozone Kites USED 2012 Reo 6 meter Kite

  • Slingshot Kites USED 2012 Rally 6 meter Kite Complete

  • Windwing Kites USED 2006 Rage II 8 meter Kite

    Regular Price: $288.95


  • Ozone Kites USED 2012 Reo 8 meter Kite

  • Ozone Kites USED 2012 Reo 10 meter Kite Complete

  • Slingshot Kites USED 2014 RPM 11 meter Kite Complete

  • Ozone Kites USED 2012 Reo 12 meter Kite