Trainer Kites

B3 and B2 Trainer Kites are the perfect way to get started if your looking to get into kiteboarding and kitesurfing. These high quality traction trainer kites are made from the highest quality materials for maximum performance and durability.

  • Ozone Kites Ignition Trainer Kite

    Regular Price: $199.95


  • Slingshot Kites Cleanline B3 Light Traction Kite

    1 Review(s)

    Regular Price: $218.95


  • Ocean Rodeo React Trainer Kite with Harness

    Regular Price: $398.95


  • Slingshot Kites B2 Kiteboarding Trainer Kite

    Regular Price: $118.95


  • Ozone Kites - Ignition Trainer Kite with Bar - 2014/2015

    Regular Price: $189.95