H-Bomb Heated Vests Back In Stock

Rip Curl H-Bomb Heated Vest

Rip Curl just shipped us a new batch of H-Bomb Heated Vests.  Great for use by itself, or under a wetsuit to add that much extra cold water range.  If you are braving the arctic waters of the north, slip this under a 5mm wetsuit and you will be well above the warmth of your typical 6mm suit.  Being only .5mm it can easily fit comfortably under a fullsuit, or when worn alone it is light weight and flexible.  According to the image above the heating element in the H-Bomb Vest covers much more of your body than leading competitors products.  Coming in at $300 the price of comfort and long lasting sessions in the surf doesn’t seem so high, and backed by Rip Curl’s excellent warranty I would say this is an excellent choice for adding diversity to your wetsuit setup.

New Organic Penny Skateboards


Organic Penny Skateboards - Penny Organic Board

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From Penny Skateboards:

Our Penny Organic decks are built to completely break down naturally when immersed in soil. Simply bury your deck in your backyard and over time the deck will completely break down back to dirt.


And here’s a video for your entertainment.