Surftech Surfboards

Surftech Surfboards

Randy French founded Surftech in 1989 when his back­ground as a surf­board shaper and a pio­neer in the wind­surf indus­try drove him to exper­i­ment with dif­fer­ent mate­ri­als in an effort to make surf­boards lighter and stronger. This resulted in major tech­no­log­i­cal break­throughs with regard to both board dura­bil­ity and weight. Hear­ing feed­back from the top surfers in the world on the Tuflite boards was con­fir­ma­tion that Randy’s vision of a lighter, stronger, higher-performance surf­board was for real. 

These Surftech Surfboards are sitting in the rack now!!!  Don't see the exact board or dimensions you want??  Give us a call and we are happy to contact Surftech to see what they have available for special order!  503-738-2061 or 888-546-6176

  • Surftech Surfboards USED 6'0'' Randy French Surfboard

  • Surftech Surfboards - 6'2'' Randy French UFO - Ultraflex

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  • Surftech Surfboards USED 6'3" Merrick K Small Surfboard

  • Surftech Surfboards - 6'6'' Stretch Rat Skate

  • Donald Takayama 8'6'' In The Pink Surfboard - White

  • Surftech Surfboards USED 9'0'' Wingnut II Pro Longboard

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  • Donald Takayama 9'2'' DT2 Surfboard - Silver

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  • NSP 9'2'' E2 Longboard Surfboard

  • Donald Takayama 9'3'' In The Pink Surfboard - White