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Do you have surfboard questions? Want some experienced advice to help figure out what your next board should be? For great information on surfboard construction, fin configurations, or just surfboards in general, we are here and happy to help. Don't forget to ask about the surfboards in our stores that haven't made it online yet, we might have just what you're looking for! Give us a call at 503-738-2061 or use our CONTACT US page.

  • Firewire Surfboards - Baked Potato LFT Bamboo

  • Firewire Surfboards - Baked Potato TimberTek

    3 Review(s)
  • Firewire Surfboards - Vanguard FST

  • Firewire Surfboards - Vanguard LFT White

  • Firewire Surfboards - Evo LFT

    1 Review(s)
  • JS Surfboards Show Pony Surfboard

  • Firewire Surfboards - Vader LFT

  • Firewire Surfboards - PyzAlien FST

  • JS Surfboards Little Monsta Surfboard

  • Firewire Surfboards - Cornice FST

  • JS Surfboards Flying Pony Surfboard