Surfboard Bags

Surfboard Bags

Surfboard bags for any size board you have, from quality brands including FCS, Pro-Lite, Dakine, and Channel Islands.  Surfboard bags vary in price depending on the size of the board.  All board bags are subject to shipping charges due to their size, however some smaller bags do qualify for free shipping. Whether you are looking for a padded travel bag to keep your board protected on a long flight or a day bag for a quick trip down the road we have you covered with a wide selection!

  • Channel Islands Travel Light CX1 Coffin Surfboard Bag

  • FCS - Shortboard Surf Board Stretch Cover

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  • Channel Islands Travel Light Coffin Surfboard Bag

  • FCS Dayrunner Performance Hull 3DX Single Surfboard Bag

  • Channel Islands Feather Lite Specialty Surfboard Bag

  • Channel Islands Team Light Surfboard Bag

  • FCS 3DxFit Dayrunner Funboard Surfboard Bag

  • Channel Islands Jordy Smith Signature Surfboard Bag

    2 Review(s)
  • Channel Islands Dane Reynolds Day Runner Surfboard Bag - Black/Peach

  • FCS - Dual Shortboard Surfboard Bag

  • FCS Dayrunner Shortboard 3DX Single Surfboard Bag

  • FCS - Travel Cover Shortboard Double Surfboard Bag

    2 Review(s)
  • FCS Dayrunner Hybrid 3DX Single Surfboard Bag

  • FCS Double Travel Cover Funboard Surfboard Bag

  • FCS - Triple Travel Cover Shortboard Surfboard Bag

    3 Review(s)
  • Channel Islands Feather Lite Shortboard Surfboard Bag

    1 Review(s)
  • Channel Islands Travel Light CX2 Coffin Surfboard Bag

  • FCS - Fish/Funboard Surf Board Stretch Cover

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  • FCS Dual Fish/Funboard Surfboard Bag

  • FCS - Longboard Surf Board Stretch Cover

  • Channel Islands Travel Light CX3 Coffin Surfboard Bag