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Patagonia Wetsuit - R4 Hooded Chest Zip - 2012

  • Patagonia Wetsuit - R4 Hooded Chest Zip Full Suit
  • Patagonia Wetsuit - R4 Hooded Chest Zip Full Suit
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Product Description

The jury is in! The new Patagonia R4 Wetsuit is the _ _ _ _! Josh says, "In my 40 years of wetsuit experience, that's 7 days a week, I have never been SO comfortable or warm!" These suits are very easy to get in and out of, and you don't even notice the wool - except for the fact that it keeps you warm. Feel free to call Josh and hear his whole opinion. (888) 546-6176, or (503) 738-7888.


Thickness: 5/4/3mm

Neoprene: Quality Neoprene Lined with Merino Wool

Seams: GBS and Critically Taped

Zipper: Chest Zip | Front Zip

Hood: Attached

Model Year: 2012

Manufactures Part Number: 88040


Product Features

  • High-quality 5/4mm neoprene backed by a recycled polyester/chlorine-free wool grid laminate to increase warmth by creating a larger dead air space (Patented)

  • 3mm neoprene underarm panels are backed by polyester jersey for greater stretch while paddling

  • Recycled polyester jersey on butt and legs decreases environmental impact

  • All seams are glued; critical seams are glued and blindstitched

  • Internal pullover-style neck gasket (1.5mm neoprene with a polyester jersey surface and key pocket at front of internal gasket) enhances the seal at the neck and prevents water from flushing into the suit

  • Zipper seams are blindstitched for a clean-finished exterior on the zipper gusset and to eliminate potential seam abrasion

  • Base of the zipper gusset has drain holes to release internal water

  • Hook-and-loop closure on the neck flap is set off to the side to reduce chafing

  • Wrist and ankle seams are clean-finished, reinforced and shielded with coverage tabs for increased durability

  • One-piece front and back panels eliminate the need for a weak T-joint seam in the crotch

  • Anatomical, PVC-free kneepads are more durable, provide more grip and create less environmental damage than traditional kneepads

Product Videos

Patagonia Wetsuits (06:32)
Patagonia surf ambassadors Keith Malloy, Dan Malloy, Mary Osborne and Wayne Lynch give firsthand perspectives on Patagonia wetsuits.
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Warranty Information

----PatagonIa Ironclad guarantee----

We stand behind everything we make, including our wetsuits. But wetsuits require care if they are going to perform and wear the way they were intended. Patagonia is not responsible for wetsuits that are abused or show normal wear and tear over time. Scratches and fading are inevitable, as are tears from the occasional close call with a fin.

----Wetsuit Care Guideline----

- Rinse your wetsuit with fresh water after every use.
- After rinsing, fold in half at waist and hang dry.
- Do not store it wet, or in direct sunlight.
- Suit up carefully. We've selected high-stretch materials for their comfort and function. Avoid overstretching fabric and seams. Do not step on one leg to pull the other leg out.
- If possible, change in a plastic tub or on a mat

Our wetsuit warranty does not cover upgrading your older Patagonia wetsuit to a current model. We are continuously improving our designs and materials, but that doesn't make your existing wetsuit unsatisfactory. It just means that the next one you buy will be even better than the last.
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Product Reviews
Rated 4/5 based on 6 customer reviews

  1. R4 – Rating 4

    Posted by – 12th Jul 2013

    I acquired a R4 suit. I must say it is the´╗┐ warmest suit ive used and very useful here In Vancouver island Canada. Only con i found is the hood. It is a poorly designed hood. when not fully wearing the hood it is not big enough to fit around your chin so it gives you a gnarly rash every time. All my other suits fit really nice when you are not wearing the hood all the way. Just wish patagonia put more time into the hood.

  2. A good idea but more improvement is needed – Rating 3

    Posted by – 11th Feb 2013

    Let me first prefix this with, I do not think the suit fits me all that well. Initially, it was quite snug but with time, the torso seemed to get bigger. As a result neck began to creep up and constrain my neck and the waist grew a bit wider.

    I did quite a bit of research prior to purchasing this suit. There were claims of its durability, long lasting and quick drying attributes. Also, I like the mission statement of Patagonia. And, my experience with their other products have been excellent. After about 80 days of using this suit in the Bay Area, I have a few thoughts.

    Overall the quality of the suit is pretty good. None of the seams are coming apart, it's warm, and dries quickly (but not any faster than my previous suits).

    1. It's too thick. It's really tough to be agile.
    2. The crotch needs to gusseted (I think that's the right term). I've had too many bad experiences with this.
    3. The key pocket should have a tether.

  3. Spoiled – Rating 5

    Posted by – 19th Dec 2012

    I can't imagine wearing any other wetsuit. The way the merino wool moves instead of sticks to my skin. No more "shock" when I jump in the water. I've never had a wetsuit hold up as long as my Patagonia has. They've got my business. I'm getting the gloves and booties next!

  4. Patagonia R4 Wetsuit Review – Rating 5

    Posted by – 25th Apr 2012

    To Josh, the awesome crew at Cleanilne Surf, and to all who will read this testimony. In regards to the R4 wetsuit Cleanline & Patagonia have blessed me with to test and enjoy.

    My name is Dennis Braun, and it has been a total gift to have lived in Seaside just about my whole life. I so love the beach & ocean environment. I have been a longtime athlete involved in many different areas of athletics. Most of my efforts geared towards surfing & multisport(Duathlon & Triathlon).

    About the R4. Throughout the 37 years I have been surfing, 22 summers of ocean rescue/beach lifeguarding, and 7 years as a surfing instructor, I have gone through many wetsuits from so many manufactures....Not one of them comes close to the over all performance of the R4. It is the warmest and most durable one I have ever used. The merino wool lining is key to the amazing warmth, and the highest quality neoprene is why it will outlast all products I have had before. Please give a Patagonia wetsuit a try. You will love it for a long, long time.

    - Dennis Braun

  5. Josh's Patagonia R4 Wetsuit Review – Rating 5

    Posted by – 11th Apr 2012

    I have been surfing in the Northwest(Oregon, Washington, and Canada) for over 40 years now, and have spent all those years trying to stay warm and get my suit dry for the evening session. Heating up river rocks by the fire to put under my wetsuit cuffs etc, etc, etc... Wool socks and glove liners underneath my boots and gloves, etc, etc, etc... I could go on etc..! My whole adult life has been spent trying to stay warm in the very coldest conditions the Arctic can throw at the Northwest. Well...The Patagonia R4 has finally solved this problem. This is by far the warmest wetsuit ever built on planet earth. The picture here(check it out over at our blog) is one I took after surfing by myself(too cold for sane people) in 22 degrees Fahrenheit with strong offshore winds. Water temp about 46 deg. This was an arctic front in February and the dry sand was frozen solid! We're talking about serious conditions. I was laughing because I felt like I had tricked the world. For me my most important tool is my wetsuit and the R4 is it. Nothing compares for warmth! And that's not all! This suit drys in about 1/3 the time of most wetsuits and because of the limestone neoprene it is much much more windproof. Its also extremely durable(like all Patagonia products!) This suit will be hard to improve on.

    Josh Gizdavich - Owner: Cleanline Surf Shop

  6. Awesome Wetsuit! – Rating 5

    Posted by – 1st Nov 2011

    This thing is for sure worth the stack of bucks you gotta put down for it. It is by far the warmest suit i have owned before. I originally bought a 3mil version to avoid having the attached hood but this year i just went ahead and got this one cause i needed more warmth. The hood is super comfortable and you can easily just pull it down around your neck when you get "too hot". It took me awhile to get used to the thickness coming from the 3 mil but once you build up more strength the thickness isn't an issue at all. I would like to add that it is also one of the quickest suits drying suits i have had. I usually hang it up after dark when i get home from a session and by the next morning it is dry enough to take out for a dawn patrol. Even when this thing is soaking wet and cold you can put it back on and you will be back up to full temps in less than 10 minutes. especially if you jog a short distance to your spot. I highly recommend this suit to anybody in question of which winter suit to put down for. Just my 2 cents! -Andrew... oh and p.s. i have heard reviews of this suit being really heavy, since i have been wearing it i haven't noticed any extra weight that ties you down.

Size Chart

The staff at Cleanline Surf specialize in sizing Patagonia wetsuits. If you have never worn a Patagonia wetsuit before we storngly urge you to call us for experty advice on sizing. If you have worn one in the past be aware that the sizing has changed slightly and you may want to lean towards a smaller suit due to the increased flexibility. We do have a size chart available below, but please take it with a grain of salt. For the perfect fit the first time please call and speak with one of our wetsuit experts.

Size Height Weight Chest Waist Hips Neck Inseam
S 5′8″-5′10″ 135-155 36.5-38.5 29-31 34-36 15 27-29
MS 5′6.5″-5′8.5″ 140-160 38.5-40.5 30.5-32.5 35.5-37.5 15.5 27-29
M 5′9″-5′11″ 150-170 38.5-40.5 30.5-32.5 35.5-37.5 15.5 28-30
MT 6′1″-6′3″ 160-180 38.5-40.5 30.5-32.5 35.5-37.5 15.5 30-32
LS 5′7.5″-5′9.5″ 160-180 40.5-42.5 32.5-34.5 37.5-39.5 16 28-30
L 5′10″-6′ 170-190 40.5-42.5 32.5-34.5 37.5-39.5 16 30-32
LT 6′2″-6′4″ 180-200 40.5-42.5 32.5-34.5 37.5-39.5 16 31-33
XLS 5′8.5″-5′10.5″ 180-200 42.5-44.5 34.5-36.5 39.5-41.5 16.5 30-32
XL 5′11″-6′1″ 190-210 42.5-44.5 34.5-36.5 39.5-41.5 16.5 31-33
XLT 6′4″-6′5″ 200-220 42.5-44.5 34.5-36.5 39.5-41.5 16.5 32-34
XXL 6′2′-6′4″ 210-230 42.5-46.5 36.5-38.5 41.5-43.5 17 31-33
XXXL 6′3″-6′5″ 230-250 44.5-48.5 38.5-40.5 43.5-45.5 17.5 31-33

Full Patagonia Wetsuit Sizing Chart


If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase you may return it for a full refund, or exchange within 30 days of receiving your order.

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