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Landyachtz 76mm Monster Hawgs

  • Landyachtz 76mm Monster Hawgs
  • Landyachtz 76mm Monster Hawgs
  • Landyachtz 76mm Monster Hawgs - Blue
  • Landyachtz 76mm Monster Hawgs - White
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Product Description

These Landyachtz 76mm Monster Hawgs give you grip on the road and perform excellent at top speed, which you'll be thankful for when your bombing all the gnarliest hills.  Available in either 78a or 80a, there is a formula to suit every longboarders needs.  Provides ultimate traction and ridiculous top speeds.

  • Durometer Available: 78a, 80a
  • Size: 76mm

What is Durometer?

Durometer is simply the hardness of your skateboard wheels.  Look closely at your wheels, chances are you will notice numbers printed in the graphic, not the size, but the numbers usually followed by an "a".  This is how you tell how hard the wheels are.  

Not sure what hardness, or durometer your wheels should be?  Most skateboard wheels use the "a" scale for durometer, which is what we will explain to keep things simple.  On the "a" scale, the lower the durometer number, the softer the wheel.  The higher the durometer number, the harded the wheel.  So, a wheel that has 84a printed on it would be a relatively soft wheel, where 100a is pretty hard.  Softer wheels grip the ground better, but get torn up or develop flatspots fast.  Harder wheels last longer, but don't grip as well.  Longboards often have very soft wheels for cruising sidewalks or bombing hills, where street skaters usually want harder wheels.


Warranty Information

At Landyachtz we believe in the boards we make and stand behind our product. If you feel you have a potential warranty in your hands keep reading.

Our decks are covered under a 1 year manufacturers warranty against manufacturer defects.

What is NOT a manufacturer defect and not covered by Landyachtz:

- Nose and tail damage due to impact (trust us, we can tell, we've been skating for decades)
- Rail damage from impact (if you throw wood or bamboo against concrete the concrete WILL win...its not rocket science)
- Boards that have been run over by a car (although it sucks a lot, it happens, hunt the reckless driver down and insist that they replace your board)
- Scratches and minor chips (remember it is a skateboard and should look well used)
- Snapped or cracked boards due to impact (although early grabs, tigerclaws and jumps may be ridiculously fun, they do compromise your board. Air at your own risk and land with your feet in the right spot.)

If you have gone through the above items and feel that your board is covered under warranty then we want to hear from you.
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