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Patagonia Wetsuit - R3 Chest-Zip Full Suit - 2012/2013

Patagonia Wetsuit - R3 Chest-Zip Full Suit - 2012/2013 5 5 2
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  Patagonia R3 Chest-Zip Full Suit Wetsuit



  • High-quality 3mm neoprene backed by a recycled polyester/chlorine-free wool grid laminate to increase warmth by creating a larger dead air space (Patented)
  • 3mm neoprene underarm panels are backed by polyester jersey for greater stretch while paddling
  • Recycled polyester jersey on butt and legs decreases environmental impact
  • All seams are glued; critical seams are glued and blindstitched
  • Internal pullover-style neck gasket (1.5mm neoprene with a polyester jersey surface and key pocket at front of internal gasket) enhances the seal at the neck and prevents water from flushing into the suit
  • Zipper seams are blindstitched for a clean-finished exterior on the zipper gusset and to eliminate potential seam abrasion
  • Base of the zipper gusset has drain holes to release internal water
  • Hook-and-loop closure on the neck flap is set off to the side to reduce chafing
  • Wrist and ankle seams are clean-finished, reinforced and shielded with coverage tabs for increased durability
  • One-piece front and back panels eliminate the need for a weak T-joint seam in the crotch
  • Anatomical, PVC-free kneepads are more durable, provide more grip and create less environmental damage than traditional kneepads



      Patagonia Wetsuit - R3 Chest-Zip Full Suit - 2012/2013 R3 Lives Up To The HypeReview by Unknown Unknown
      I had been wanting a Patagonia for a couple years now and finally found a deal on this site that made me jump (black friday sale). The service was top notch and I even spoke with the owner (I think) about the suit sizes and feel. I originally ordered the R3 with the hood and upon trying it on I was not happy. (Side Note: The coldest the water ever gets where I live is about 51 Deg F so a high end big brand 4/3 usually does the trick. I'm 6'2" and tip the scales at 175lbs.) The suit size was an LT but the hood felt like it came off a kids suit and the neck didn't seem long enough. Maybe I have a large head and long neck??! Anyways, the back felt really stiff and I was fairly disappointed. I returned the suit thinking I needed a bigger size and no hood. After speaking with someone at the shop, he convinced me to stick with the LT as it would stretch over time. Glad I did, the new suit they sent felt a little better in the shoulders so I took it out for a test drive. It was very warm and surprisingly flexible in the water. After about 20 sessions it still feels stiff on land but I somehow can't notice it in the water, never really could. As for the wool itch? Non existent. Buy this suit when it's on sale!
      (Posted on 4/7/2012) 2012-04-07
      Patagonia Wetsuit - R3 Chest-Zip Full Suit - 2012/2013 First surf with the R3 a pleasureReview by Morgan Morgan
      Got the suit, put it on and surfed 15 degree Celsius, powerful 5 footers with a cold strong offshore.

      Being a new suit and reading some reviews I´d seen about the Patagonias I expected some chafing and discomfort.

      Results: zero chafing, flexible and comfortably warm.

      The only problem with this suit that I predict is that you stay out in the water 2 hours more than you should and miss "important" work related meetings...like I did.

      Thanks to Cleanline for the friendly and professional service! (the wax, candy and note were were highly appreciated)
      (Posted on 12/2/2011) 2011-12-02

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      Size Chart

      The staff at Cleanline Surf specialize in sizing Patagonia wetsuits. If you have never worn a Patagonia wetsuit before we strongly urge you to call us for expert advice on sizing. If you have worn one in the past be aware that the sizing has changed slightly and you may want to lean towards a smaller suit due to the increased flexibility. We do have a size chart available below, but please take it with a grain of salt. For the perfect fit the first time please call and speak with one of our wetsuit experts.

      XS5′6″-5′8″120-140 lbs34.5-36.5″28.5-30.5″33.5-35.5″14.5″26-28″
      S5′8″-5′10″135-155 lbs36.5-38.5″29-31″34-36″15″27-29″
      MS5′6.5″-5′8.5″140-160 lbs38.5-40.5″30.5-32.5″35.5-37.5″15.5″27-29″
      M5′9″-5′11″150-170 lbs38.5-40.5″30.5-32.5″35.5-37.5″15.5″28-30″
      MT6′1″-6′3″160-180 lbs38.5-40.5″30.5-32.5″35.5-37.5″15.5″30-32″
      LS5′7.5″-5′9.5″160-180 lbs40.5-42.5″32.5-34.5″37.5-39.5″16″28-30″
      L5′10″-6′170-190 lbs40.5-42.5″32.5-34.5″37.5-39.5″16″30-32″
      LT6′2″-6′4″180-200 lbs40.5-42.5″32.5-34.5″37.5-39.5″16″31-33″
      XLS5′8.5″-5′10.5″180-200 lbs42.5-44.5″34.5-36.5″39.5-41.5″16.5″30-32″
      XL5′11″-6′1″190-210 lbs42.5-44.5″34.5-36.5″39.5-41.5″16.5″31-33″
      XLT6′4″-6′5″200-220 lbs42.5-44.5″34.5-36.5″39.5-41.5″16.5″32-34″
      XXL6′2′-6′4″210-230 lbs42.5-46.5″36.5-38.5″41.5-43.5″17″31-33″
      XXXL6′3″-6′5″230-250 lbs44.5-48.5″38.5-40.5″43.5-45.5″17.5″31-33″

      Full Patagonia Wetsuit Sizing Chart


      PatagonIa Ironclad guarantee

      We stand behind everything we make, including our wetsuits. But wetsuits require care if they are going to perform and wear the way they were intended. Patagonia is not responsible for wetsuits that are abused or show normal wear and tear over time. Scratches and fading are inevitable, as are tears from the occasional close call with a fin.

      Wetsuit Care Guideline:

      • Rinse your wetsuit with fresh water after every use.
      • After rinsing, fold in half at waist and hang dry.
      • Do not store it wet, or in direct sunlight.
      • Suit up carefully. We've selected high-stretch materials for their comfort and function. Avoid overstretching fabric and seams. Do not step on one leg to pull the other leg out.
      • If possible, change in a plastic tub or on a mat

      Our wetsuit warranty does not cover upgrading your older Patagonia wetsuit to a current model. We are continuously improving our designs and materials, but that doesn't make your existing wetsuit unsatisfactory. It just means that the next one you buy will be even better than the last.


      Returns are easy! We understand that in some situations returns or exchanges may be necessary. We also want you to be stoked on your purchase. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase you may return it for a full refund, or exchange within 30 days of receiving your order. Items must be in new condition with original tags and packaging.

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