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Men's Sunglasses

Don't see the exact style, color or lens combination you want? Need something that will work with your prescription? Want some custom shades? Give us a call and we are happy to see what may be available for special order!  503-738-7888 or 888-546-6176.

  • Von Zipper Lomax Battlestations Sunglasses - Black/Gold Chrome

    Regular Price: $104.95


  • Von Zipper Elmore MindGlo Sunglasses - MindGlo Lime/Quasar Glo

    Regular Price: $104.95


  • Von Zipper Comsat Vibrations Sunglasses - Black Gloss Rasta Fade/Grey

    Regular Price: $99.95


  • Von Zipper Elmore Polarized Sunglasses - Black Gloss/Grey Poly

    Regular Price: $139.95