Fish & Hybrid Surfboards

Fish & Hybrid Surfboards

The Fish surfboard is a stubby board with a more rounded profile and tail shape developed from kneeboards in the 1960s. It is shorter, wider and flatter than a shortboard and works very well in small mushy surf. The Hybrid surfboard design usually mixes the characteristics and performance features of a shortboard with the added width and tail design of a fish. These boards are more about having fun than high performance or tricks. They can be easier to ride and paddle for beginners, a great board for a heavier surfer who wants to surf at a high level or a fun board for anyone else who wants to catch a lot of waves.

  • Vulcan Surfboards - USED 5'5" Vulcan Archetype Surfboard

  • Firewire Surfboards - USED 6'0 Spitfire TimberTek

  • Global Surf Industries Surfboards - USED 6'8 7S Superfish XL PU

  • Global Surf Industries Surfboards - USED 6'9'' 7S Cog PE Surfboard

  • Bing Surfboards - USED 7'2'' Cleanline Hybrid Fish