Firewire Surfboards Omni LFT

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Firewire Surfboards

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Currently all Slater Design Surfboards are in high demand with limited availability. Some boards may require a wait time. If this is a concern to you, please be sure to call ahead to confirm the model and size you want is obtainable within your time frame.

Firewire Surfboards and Cleanline Surf have a Drop Ship program! This means all Firewire Surfboards shown here are likely to be available to ship to you shortly! Don't see the exact board or dimensions you want? Have more questions? For more info or to learn more about Firewire Surfboards Shipping, Call 503-738-7888 or 888-546-6176 or use our contact us page.

Tomo and Kelly have created the playful yet profound Firewire Omni Surfboard to take away the everyday boredom and open up the limit of possibilities in waves that are under head high. Using Tomo's modern planing hull designs, the blunt shape nose and pulled in round tail result in a fast board that tucks nicely into the wave and is easy to pivot through turns. Under the foot of a knowledgeable surfer the Omni allows for extreme front foot agility, insane speed and tight hacks off the lip.

Not so much a groveler but good in small, well shaped waves, the Slater Designs Omni Surfboard is a soft, flowing shape with a fitted with a single concave and a straight rail toward the nose. Fitted with a dual carbon stringer reinforcement and a 5 fin configuration, the Omni is a durable and versatile performer with advanced materials and modern function.

"Grom" boards available at special pricing.


Firewire's product development is focused on three things: exclusively using epoxy resin and EPS foam cores, achieving lighter and stronger surfboards through sandwich construction, and optimizing flex to enhance performance. Though LINEAR FLEX TECHNOLOGY (LFT) may appear to be a simple construction employing familiar design philosophies found in traditionally built surfboards, nothing could be further from the truth.

LFT incorporates Firewire's new SPRINGER HD, a 0.75" (18 mm) wide aerospace composite that runs down the centerline of the board, representing the next generation in our SPRINGER technology. Unlike the original balsa SPRINGER build which only added stiffness under the front foot, the SPRINGER HD runs the entire length of the board and plays a pivotal role in optimizing flex from nose to tail.

Inserting a high-density material down the center of the board does create engineering hurdles. For example, deck compression over the SPRINGER HD would be less than the surrounding EPS core. Over time, the deck would develop a raised area adjacent to the SPRINGER HD, akin to the ridging effect on a PU surfboard as the surrounding foam collapses on either side of the stringer.

We addressed this issue in two ways. Firstly, the SPRINGER HD stops approximately 10mm below the top deck, ensuring that the surrounding EPS compression will not lead to ridging. Utilizing our proven sandwich construction methodology, we also added an extremely durable material to the top deck of the board. This deck-skin now serves as an additional buffer against the ridging effect while simultaneously working in tandem with the SPRINGER HD to optimize the overall flex pattern of the LFT build. The end result is a durable surfboard with lively flex patterns that will maintain its hi-performance characteristics over time.


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